WordPress as an Alternative to iWeb

29 November 2012

London, iWeb was never intended to be a high-powered Web design environment. When Apple introduced iWeb as part of the iLife suite in 2006, the high-end Web-design market was already served by Adobe’s GoLive and by Dreamweaver, which Adobe bought in 2005. Adobe took GoLive out of commission in 2009; iWeb has been missing from Apple’s updates to iLife since 2011, although in characteristic fashion, Apple never announced that iWeb was discontinued, but simply stopped talking about it, presumably in the hope that nobody would notice.
But many people have noticed, and iWeb’s users, in particular those users who found the combination of iWeb and MobileMe a convenient and easy way to maintain a Web presence, are left looking for an alternative.
iWeb combined, at its simplest, two elements — design and publishing. You would write and lay out pages, which were then uploaded to a Web server, something that was most easily done using the built-in support for Apple’s now-discontinued MobileMe platform. Distilling matters down even further, building a Web page in iWeb involved choosing a theme, adding text and images, and possibly incorporating functionality including Google Maps or countdown timers through widgets.
A replacement for iWeb, then, would need to handle these tasks, and although there are a variety of contenders to iWeb’s position, such as Karelia’s Sandvox, Softpress’s Freeway Express, Realmac Software’s RapidWeaver, and Flux from The Escapers, I have found that WordPress, although approaching the challenge from a different angle, is to a large extent equal to the task, and offers a number of advantages to boot.
Making the Move -- If you’re still reading, you are likely seriously considering adopting WordPress as an alternative to the iWeb-MobileMe combo. The good news is that making the move need not be difficult. Maciverse has clear instructions on both installing WordPress and also extracting data from an iWeb file and importing it into WordPress.
With MobileMe no longer an option for easy Web publishing, many Mac users will find themselves with orphaned content in need of hosting. While it might involve learning a new way of doing things, WordPress offers a flexible, extensible, and easy-to-use platform. At the very least, it never gave Steve Jobs apoplexy.

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